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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> state of emergency, tropical storm debby is slamming the south right now. she is the fourth named storm of the season and people all along the gulf coast are seeing high winds and pouring rain. we get the latest tonight from frances coe. >> tropical storm debby is churning 100 miles offshore but it's still packing a punch. rough surf, high winds and rain rakes much of florida's gulf coast. a tornado left a trail of damage in southwest florida late saturday. roofs were ripped apart, trees uprooted from east naples. red warning flags with out
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along florida panhandle beaches as waves pounded the shore. tropical storm warnings are in effect. forecast molds for debby's projected path vary greatly and fema is urging residents along the gulf to make preparations. >> you know, get water and batteries and flashlights and canned food maybe. >> current weather models suggest debby could grow to a category one hurricane before making landfall later this week. >> closer to home, a live look now of downtown baltimore. a lovely night. a mild day but definitely clouds coming. john has a look at the latest. >> we've had a few rain showers move through and a couple of isolated thunderstorms as well. we want to look at debby down here. i knew i'd do that one of these times. and the storm is about 180
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miles away from the north coast of florida. the heaviest rains have been in central florida. you have to remember, though, that it's been raining like you see -- this is a live radar now. it's been raining in florida like this for a couple of days and they can expected 15 inches of rain before it's over. the storm is more or less stalled and will be in the northern gulf for a couple of days at least. we'll talk about the forecast there and our own forecast, which includes some rain and then comfortable conditions. stick around. >> right now crews are trying to put out a fire on kent island. as of this afternoon, crews had it about 0% contained. we're told that at least 20 homes had to be evacuated and one firefighter was injured. crews rushed him to the hospital. no world on his condition and no word on how the fire began. one man died tonight at a shooting in the 1,000 block of central avenue. police say the man was shot
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multiple times in the held. police are looking for a black lexus seen fleeing the scene. the pentagon has confirm that would 21-year-old eugene mills iii was killed in combats in afghanistan. he was asigned to the first battalion eighth marine regiment. he is the fifth marylander to be killed this year while serving in the line of duty. his father said he wanted to join the military after seeing the world trade center attacks. the governor blasted state lawmakers this week on the issues of expanded state gambling and tonight new numbers on how many may approve of the governor's plans. >> according to that opinion works poll, maryland voters want to improve slots now and they want to vote on the issue this november. the debate to expand gambling in maryland continues and the
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future oaf this new casino in prince george's count is uncertain but new poll numbers suggest voters want elected officials to resolve the matter soon. 55% of maryland voters would support the plan that was proposed by the governor's work group to expand gaming while 36% opposed it. 58% of voters said state leaders need to work harder to find a compromise and only 10% of maryland voters believe the state slots program is the best it can be. >> it's all good as long as it's not promoting people to spend what they don't have. >> a lot of people waste their money. they could use it for more substantial things. to each his own. >> i think it's terrible to depend on gambling for things that are vital. all you do is appeal to people's worst instincts. >> the state comptroller is
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adamantly opposed and said it's an obsession for the state. >> obviously we have an obsession for gambling in annapolis. it's a shame. i'm urging the legislation and the leadership to grow up and put this toy, this obsession, back on the toy shelf. >> as the uncertainty around this issue lingers. governor o'malley says he'll continue to push on the issue of gambling in the state. the secretary said the administration is in favor of gambling in maryland because it will pump money into the economy and could help local schools and tax relief. >> shelden, thank you. all eyes are on the u.s. supreme court as it's expected to release big rulings. the big two, on president obama's health care reform law and arizona's immigration law.
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the decisions may come down as soon as tomorrow and since it is an election year and both parties have their scorecards ready. if parts of the health care law are overturned, it could hurt the president's chances of being elected. >> as i watched the news coverage today everybody seems to assume that it's going to be overturned. it may not. >> arizona has an all-out border problem. it's not just about immigration, it's about security. >> meantime, mitt romney will spend monday campaigning in arizona. gerry sandusky found guilty but the case far from over. this was the scene -- jerry sandusky found guilty. now there may be more charges against others to come. there are now at least three major investigations into the sandusky scandal. penn state university may be the target of new lawsuits. >> if those in power at penn
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state had taken action in the early 2,000s and stopped at nothing to see that justice was served on jerry sandusky then my client would not have been molested in 2007 and twrathe. >> sandusky's sentencing should happen within 90 days. more than 11,000 people in one colorado town have been evacuated as a fire there is growing out of control. michelle franzen with the latest. >> billowing smoke and towering flames surrounded homes today outside colorado springs. hundreds of firefighters battled the waldo canyon fire that scorched more than 2,000 acres and is threatening densely populated communities and parks. >> a primary issue is structure protection and continue to hold
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the line that will stop the fire from coming down. >> the fast moving blaze is one of eight wildfires burning in colorado, the worst fire season in a decade. >> this isn't something we haven't seen before but it is unusual to see a fire with this potential. >> the biggest, the high park fire outside of collins have been burning for two weeks, charred 81,000 acres, destroyed nearly 200 homes and displaced hundreds of residents. >> it's one of those days where if we have nothing really lost it's darn good. >> in nearby estes park, another fire raced through, destroying 21 homes and cabins. >> i didn't think to take the phone in my wall let. >> tinderbox conditions that continue to stoke fires throughout the west. basically the ingredients are single digit relative humidity
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levels, strong winds and a ridge of high pressure locking in the heat. in utah, near salt lake city, firefighters are starting to get a handle on the so-called dump fire, possibly sparked by sharpshooters. but residents know they have a long summer ahead. >> an overnight crash in anne arundel sends four to the hospital. officials say it happened on eastbound route 50 near davidsonville road. two victims were thrown from the vehicle. all the victims were between 19 and 21 years old. two had life-threatening injuries. check out this joo -- view. -- video. it looks like a water main break. the water was streaming high in the hair. it happened near a light rail stop. no world on any major disruptions to businesses or
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homes in the area. good news for our wall let's and upcoming holiday travel. gas prices continued to drop. the national average is about 3:48 right now. right now you can expect to pay an average of 3:35 an gallon but with that tropical storm in the gulf, oil prices may be affected. former orioles pitcher jim palmer was honored tonight. he was presented with the 2012 new tune public service award, the foundation committed to curing kidney disease and jim, who recently donated a daughter -- kidney to his 10-year-old daughter lindsay said he's grateful for the support. >> as a parent you want to do everything you can. you're so protective that you'll do anything to take that pain away. >> in the u.s., more than 8,000 kidney disease are diagnosed
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each year. straight ahead, warriors take to the water at the national aquarium and become champions among the creatures, and michael phelps puts on his battle gear as he stops in nebraska, the first stop along the
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>> host alex trebek is recovering from a mild heart attack in los angeles. the 71-year-old was admitted to the hospital in los angeles. he is expected to recover fully and be back hosting "jeopardy" when the new season returns next month. visitors to baltimore's aquarium perhaps have imagined what it would be like to swim in the exhibits. today a group had that
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opportunity. a group of wounded soldiers finding freedom and movement under water. >> 14 surgeries total. three and a half years in walter reed. >> i stepped on a pressure plate and it blew my right foot off. >> all the doctors said no, you can't do it. and i wanted to do it and i kept asking and asking ask was finally able to do it and now i don't want to stop. i absolutely love it. >> not everyone can swim near a 400 pound sea turtle or more than 50 species of stingrays, fish and sharks, but thanks to a nonprofit group called suds, these wounded soldiers are doing just that. >> they're in an anti-gravity environment. >> training wounded soldiers in such a challenging activity facilitates rehabilitation and promotes mobility. joined by national aquarium
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divers, the soldiers got a chance to feed the fish and really become part of the exhibits. family members came along to watch. >> it's amazing to see him do things that he loves. we weren't sure he'd be able to do a lot of stuff. >> this is the second time the aquarium has welcomed wounded soldiers to dive -- dive. >> we have a great group of guys with us today. letting them experience our world. >> it was clear the soldiers liked that world, finding a sense of peace and accomplishment. >> the group suds has trained 200 injured veterans since the program began in 2007. b.t. semplet helping restore power to thousands in prince george's county after the area was slammed with storms on friday. a microburst came through bladensburg. they can produce wind bursts of up to 100 miles per hour. it cause is trees and power lines to fall and left many residents hurt. >> now, your 11 insta-weather
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forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a beautiful view of downtown. isn't that colorful, gorgeous? the city looks like a crystal or something. we do have some clouds and we have had some showers moving through the area but otherwise it's very pleasant. high temperature, it was kind of hot with that sunshine. not terribly humid. 92 was the high at the harbor. 86 is typical. 100 was the record set back a couple of years ago. i'm hoping we can look at the radar and show you that shower activity that's been moving through the area. there is some shower activity just south of the inner harbor and then moving east across the bay onto the eastern shore right now between kingstown and also down around chestertown or so, and that rain activity is strongest around king kingstown
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at this point. oh, there's the radar. and here you can see -- i've circled baltimore and down to the south and on to the east, so between kingstown and centreville, we have a little shower activity and a few sprinkles north at this time. everything ask moving east. it may become more active later tonight. 79 at easton and cambridge. on the boardwalk, 77. 73, western maryland, temperatures in the 60's. the rain shower activities more intense up near the canadian-new york border. that's where most of the rain will be but this front will come sweeping through tomorrow morning and until it comes through we could see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. once it goes through wee -- we dry out and we'll have nice weather. down to the south, very tropical air as debby spins around in the northeastern gulf
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of mexico. the storm has been moving up towards its prergets position. it's been pouring lots of rain in florida and to some extent northern florida swell, but the pens la part of florida. and some gusty winds but more of a rain problem than anything else so far. the weather models have had a tough time figuring out what's going to happen with this storm. a big area of high pressure puts a cap on its movement. our forecast models have it sitting there and pumping all this rain, especially over florida and this high into the middle of the week will still be there and the various computer models show it kind of stalled out. the models have it going in every direction so it's hard to put out a forecast. but it does like luke look like
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our rain will come from from cold front sweeping through and then moving out of the picture. here's the forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy, a few scattered thunderstorms. 67 to 72. take scattered seriously. it won't be a big line of thunderstorms or anything like that. more clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. thundershower activity, yes. probably mostly in the morning. northwest winds for boaters in the baby afternoon gusting to 25 so small craft advisories will be out. 86 tomorrow then 80 on tuesday. some of you may not break out of the 70's. lots of nice weather tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. by thursday humility goes up. -- humidity goes up. thunderstorm chances friday and saturday. >> a great ending to a great weekend. >> camden yards was rocking this weekend. the orioles fans got plenty to
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>> now, 11 sports. >> interleague play is now over for the orioles and the numbers look good. the birds went 11-7 and won five of their six series against the national league. perhaps no win was more fun to watch than the one today against the nationals in the series finale. in the third inning, ryan zimmerman, who's been in a horrible slump, comes through. zim with a base hit. that gave the nationals a 1-0 lead. it's the only run jake arrieta would allow in six innings perfected. top eighth, adam laroche with a liner to right. great catch by chris davis. it's still 1-0. bottom of the inning, matt
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wieters comes up huge. a two-run blast to left center, his 10th of the center. the birds take a 2--- two-run lead. in the ninth a strike 'em out throw 'em out to end the game. wieters gets him at second. the birds win it 2-1 to capture the series. what a way to end the weekend. a big-time crowd all three days and a big-time home tore cap it off. >> it's playing -- fun playing in front of a packed house and fun playing well-played games like this. the pitchers did well in both the series in washington and the series here. that's a good team. >> they have four number one picks in the rotation and they've done a great job wilt. and to be able to beat them today with -- was a tribute to our guys. >> third baseman kevin youkilis is changing sox. today he was traded to the
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white sox for utility man lillibridge and pitcher zach stewart. today youkilis played his final game in a red sox uniform and in the seventh, a drive to center, bourn can't get to it. gonzalez scores. youkilis goes into third with a triple. he gets a standing ovation from the fenway crowd. the ovation continues as youkilis leaves the game. he finished with two hits in a 9-4 boston victory. it will be nearly impossible for michael phelps to top his eight gold medals in beijing and as of now we don't know if he's going to try in the olympic trials that begin tomorrow. the baltimore native has been entered in only seven races but in london it could be more or less. no matter how many races he decides to compete in, the 14-time gold medalist is determined to win them all.
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>> there are so many things they want to do and for my competitive part of my career, i don't have a very big window to be able to accomplish them, but those are goals that i think i can accomplish. i've always said i want to be the first to do something. so you can use your imagination. >> might be the first to have a mustache like that. euro quarterfinals. italy vs. england. wayne rooney, the bicycle kick is high. the match would eventually go to penalties. italy wins it 4-2 on penalty kicks. they'll face germany in the semifinals. tough to top the weather this weekend. john collins has the complete seven-day forecast of -- after this.
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